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MARIANA TOSCA starred in Christmas in the Clouds with Graham Greene, M. Emmet Walsh and Wes Studi. Her other film and television credits include: Superstore, Masters of Sex, Parenthood, I Knew a Girl Named Hollywood, War, and The Rites of Spring. 

Mariana produced JOURNEY TO ROYAL: A WWII RESCUE MISSION, a documentary/feature film hybrid, which tells the extraordinary true story of WWII pilot Lt. Royal Stratton and the 4th Emergency Rescue Squadron, who led a deadly mission to save the lives of nine downed airmen adrift in enemy waters of a war-torn South Pacific. Immersive cinematography and gripping action, combined with firsthand accounts and historical images, showcase the valor of this squadron who faced overwhelming odds to bring their brothers home.  

Mariana serves on the Advisory Council of Save the Chimps, the world's largest chimpanzee sanctuary which is home to hundreds of chimpanzees retired from the NASA space program, bio-medical research and the entertainment & pet trades. She previously served on the Advisory Boards of Rex & Friends Charitable Foundation, which provided music education and music therapy to people who are blind and/or autistic, ElephantVoices, a non-profit dedicated to the protection of elephants through conservation, research and education, DreamCatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary, which takes in previously rounded up and/or adopted wild horses and returns them to their natural wild state within a herd environment, and
, a non-profit organization which funded poverty alleviation projects around the world.  They completed over 100 projects in 70 countries, providing life-changing services for thousands of people in developing nations.   Mariana founded the Los Angeles Homeless Coalition, which offered shelter, relief and skills training to the homeless population there.   

Mariana studied Acting at the American Conservatory Theater and served on the Board of Directors of the Southern California theatres: Alliance Repertory Company and Theatre East. She has also served as a campaign advisor for candidates for Governor, Attorney General, State Senate and State Assembly in California, New York, Oregon and Montana.

Mariana is also a fine art portrait photographer whose work can be found at

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